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When Swamiji plays music, people will be sitting calmly and concentrate on the sound. Then Swamiji gets easily access to their mind, you understand? Easily Swamiji's mental vibrations can reach people's mind and he can examine people's mind. I...
The principle underlying the concept of Musical Therapy is -Physical health results from a healthy MIND. "Mens Sana in Corpore Sano" (health lives in mind) is a well known dictum. It is common sense that an illness that tarts from within is graver...
Sri Swamiji says: "The music therapy is combined with Ayurveda, Psychology, Gem therapy and Astrology. I only effect a rapport between man and God, the supreme reality, with help coming from man himself in good measure. I attune man to God through...
Sri Swamiji's music is based on Carnatic music ( South Indian Music). Hindustani ( North Indian Music) has several similarities. So any classical Indian Musician. Renowned musicians such as L. Subramaniam, T.N. Krishnan and Amjad Ali Khan often...
In direct proportion to the facilities, comforts and luxuries made available by science and technology today, man has become more and more reckless and indolent, and therefore susceptible to new diseases everyday and everywhere. Yoga shaastras...

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