What does Raga mean? What is the difference between Raga and Ragini? Print

Raga or Raagam is a sequence of musical notes. There are 72 main ragas (Melakarta Ragas)  that form the basis of the Indian music system.

The raga-ragini system of raga classification occurred between the 16th and 19th Centuries and preceded the modern classification of ragas, as it exists today. The raga-ragini system tries to draw a parallel between the dynamic and the static – the Prakruti and the Purusha. Further, the raga-ragini system also illustrates the fluctuation in human behavior and responses to situations. It is related to the various mood changes in a person, with apt ragas to portray these emotions. It is the classification of ragas on the raga-ragini basis, that gave rise to the close link between poetry, art and music, as mentioned before. Various nayaka-nayika (man-woman) relationships and emotions were depicted with poetry, painting and music.

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