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Ragaragini Nada Yogamu (telugu)’ is a compendium that highlights the musical works of His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji with special emphasis on the healing aspects of music and the role of various components employed by Sri Swamiji during such healing concerts. The book starts with a brief introduction by the publishers to Sri Swamiji and His magnificent musical, spiritual and social works exemplified with beautiful pictures taken over several decades that stand as a testimony to Sri Swamiji’s musical journey across the world. The pictures and text also highlight the various aspects of Sri Swamiji’s persona. This chapter ends with a note by the publishers thanking His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji for bringing out His personal experiences about Music and Music Therapy which has influenced the global audience irrespective of cast, creed, color or language in the form of this book ‘Ragaragini Nada Yogamu (telugu)’.

In the foreword Sri Swamiji explains the musical link between the ancient and the modern, the relation between tradition and technology, the need to explore and understand nature and its myriad ways to alleviate suffering. Sri Swamiji also highlights the arrangement of various chapters in this book into ‘Musicology’ section, ‘Therapeutics’ section and ‘Miscellaneous’ section.

The book aptly starts with Sri Swamiji’s description of the ‘Nadabindu Upanishat’ – verses that describe the importance of ‘Omkar’- the primordial sound, and the merit one begets by chanting it. This is followed by an introduction to the concept of ‘Nada Chikitsa (healing through sound)’ where in Sri Swamiji describes His journey and experiences from childhood with music as a therapeutic tool. How He was taught by Mother Nature into this hitherto little explored dimension of Music. How He was gifted with the divine experience of such music and How He started to use it for the benefit of the world and humanity at large. This chapter emphatically states the relationship of Music to the divine and that music is not just a means of amusement but is essentially a path to salvation. It not only alleviates the physical pain but leads to redemption from cycle of bondage and suffering.

In the section of Musicology Sri Swamiji describes the various aspects of Music like Nada (sound), Shruti (fundamental note), Sangeeta (music), Svara (musical note), Raga (musical scale), Tala (rhythm), Gamaka (nuances), Musical Instruments and Vaggeyakaras (the great singer-composers who contributed to the growth of  Indian Music in general and Carnatic Music in particular). At the end of this section is a display of the various musical works of Sri Swamiji titled Animutyalu (selected pearls), and a list of Sri Swamiji’s compositions in rare ragas.

In the section on Therapeutics Sri Swamiji describes the relationship of Music, Yoga and Shatchakras (the energy centers in the body) and Nadis (metaphysical energy channels), the Neuro-Endocrine Regulation of the body and mind, the five Pranas (vital energy), the Five Elements (nature), the relationship of Astrology and Astronomy to music, the various gestures that help in therapy (Mudras), the Crystals and their vibration properties, the effect of Color on human mind and body, the role of Water in Music healing and the effect of the various herbs (Moolikas) on the human body. At the end of this section is a chapter on the Music therapy Research findings.

The Miscellaneous section deals with the intricacies of the various Musical structures constructed by Sri Swamiji like the Nadamantapam, the Dharmadhwajam, the Birthday Stone Pillars and the list of the various Musical Scholars who were awarded titles by Sri Swamiji for their exemplary contribution to Music. Another attractive feature in this section is the list of various Healing Concerts given by Sri Swamiji across the globe and the unique concept of Jna Na Bha Yoga conferences propagated by Sri Swamiji to explain the various schools of philosophy (Jnana-knowledge, Nada-Music, Bhakti-Devotion, Yoga-Union). The book concludes with a summarizing chapter Upasamhara that highlights the scope for further research in this area of healing through Music. A must purchase for all the Musicians, Music lovers, Yoga Experts and students, Doctors, Veda scholars, Researchers, Scientists, Botanists, Gemologists and Datta devotees - Jaya Guru Datta.

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