Nada Nidhi Sri Nookala Chinna Satyanarayana Print
Speech at Raga Ragini Nada Yogamu book release by the Governor of Andhra Pradesh
Jaya Guru Datta
‘I offer my prostrations to Nada Brahma Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji and Sri Bala Swamiji. I begin with Saint Thyagaraja’s Kirtana ‘Nada tanumanisham’ (ever the personification of divine sound)’ Ganapatim (instead of Shankaram) modified for this occasion to honor Sri Swamiji.
Many great persons are present today on this momentous occasion, including His Holiness Sri Swamiji, Sri Bala Swamiji, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh Dr. E.S.L. Narasimham and other great devotees of music.
To describe this book in one word, it is an extension of Sama Veda. If Sama Veda is one half, this is the other half. Raga Ragini is not merely seven musical notes.
‘Sa’ stands for Parameshwara – Form
‘Pa’ stands for Shakti – Energy
The entire Creation including us is nothing but a combination of Form and Energy. Of the rest of the five notes, there are not just five.
There is two of each;
Suddha ‘ri’ which is Ragini and Chatushruti ‘ri’ which is Raga
Suddha ‘ga’ which is Ragini and Antara ‘ga’ which is Raga
Suddha ‘ma’ which is Ragini and Prati ‘ma’ which is Raga
Suddha ‘da’ which is Ragini and Chatushruti ‘da’ which is Raga
Kaisiki ‘ni’ which is Ragini and Kakali ‘ni’ which is Raga
The entire secret of Music is in Raga Ragini. Behind each Raga there is a Ragini. The entire essence of Sama Veda is here.
Through music all diseases can be cured. Raga removes Roga. By Sri Swamiji’s grace I gave a discourse for five days in Chicago on the Healing aspect of Music. Music has no boundaries. These 12 swaras or musical notes are universal and common to all systems of music. One’s nature is revealed through music.
The deities of the musical notes are decorated differently in different regions of the world. The way they are embellished is different and that is what makes them distinct systems such as Carnatic music and Hindustani music.
Nada is Yoga. We are living beings like all others, except that we talk. Music is common to all living beings. Music rules the world. It protects the world. It removes dis-ease.”
Sri Guru Datta

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