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Nada Chikitsa is the literal translation of Sound Healing in ancient Sanskrit language. There are historical records which prove that Nada Chikitsa has been used as an age-old tradition.

Sri Swamiji says, “The power of vibrations connects, in some manner, all things and all beings in the universe on all planes of existence. Nada vibrations work through the chord of sympathy existing between man and his surroundings. The human body has 72,000 astral nerves (nadis) which incessantly vibrate in a specific rhythmic pattern. Disturbance in their rhythmic pattern is the root cause of disease. The musical notes restore their normal rhythmic pattern, thereby bringing about good health. Listen with your heart and not with intellect.”

How does Sri Swamiji’s Music heal? The answer will not be farfetched to a genuine enquirer. In the first place, if we see what is at the back of all medicines which are used for healing purposes and if we ask what it is in them that heals, we shall find that it is the different elements which constitute our physical being. The same elements are present in these medicines as well, and that which is lacking in us is taken from them, or the effect which should be produced in our body is produced by them. The vibration which is necessary for our health is created in the body by their power; and the rhythm which is necessary for our cure is brought about by bringing the circulation of the blood into a certain rhythm and speed.

Energy to heal comes from the music must be applied in large quantities as a sick spiritual body can only neutralize small quantities of positive energy. Sri Swamiji’s music may appear aggressive at first for it has to be provided in huge quantities. Sri Swamiji’s music is more scientific than religious and uses fundamental principles of physics; Sri Swamiji’s music operates by converting matter into energy and energy into matter.

Raga Chikitsa means “healing through the use of raga (melodies)”. Sri Swamiji explains that His method of healing through music is a lost ancient art and that He is reviving this knowledge in the modern times. Identification of Indian Classical Ragas (Carnatic) and their consonance with the elements of the nature (pancha bhutas) helps Swamiji trace the concept related to “Music for Healing and Meditation”. Sri Swamiji says, “My way of rendering music and treatment of ragas in general is not outside the frame of orthodox tradition. Music is considered as an Upaveda, the Gandharva Veda in addition to Dhanurveda, Ayurveda and Artha Shastra. I use devotional music as means of spiritual energy transformation. Some Higher Force takes care of my process, once I decide to heal through music. Swara Shuddhi (Pure Notes) is held in great veneration and is considered as a standard of musical truth. Melody (Raga) is the result of Swara Shuddhi; there is clarity and pure energy in such a melody”.

Sri Swamiji’s uses concepts from Astrology, Astronomy, Herbalogy, Ayurveda, Gemology, Musicology, Human Psychology and Anatomy in choosing the ragas for different ailments.

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