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Any reference to Sri Swamiji’s Music will be incomplete without reference to His Bhajans (devotional hymns). Besides His divine charisma, the other dimension of His personality, which has captivated the minds and hearts of thousands of people and inspired them to turn inward, are Sri Swamiji’s soul-stirring Bhajans. As He often says “Just as Bhojana (food) is for body, Bhajans are for the Soul”.

His Bhajans are rooted in ‘Beejaksharas’ (subtle seed letters) and when sung, they produce such powerful vibrations that the listeners cannot escape getting lifted from worldly gross existence to transcendental experience of the soul. Sri Swamiji composed thousands of devotional Bhajans in different languages right from His childhood, and they have become household medium of devotional singing and satsanga in whatever corner of the world His devotees may be.

According to Sri Swamiji, “The chanting and singing of God’s name is the sheet anchor in all critical situations and crises. In this modern world, singing devotional hymns is the easiest way to invoke the inner self. Bhajan sung with heart full of love and devotion gives existential bliss.
In Sri Swamiji’s devotional rendering of Bhajans, what matters is not the language but the spiritually charged vibrations which get released as He sings. Listeners just get thrilled, ecstatic, jubiliant and absorbed as they listen to Him.

There are countless examples, where simply listening to His Bhajans, has produced life-changing and everlasting effect on the lives of devotees, bringing in them miraculous personality transformation influences: and this has happened not to any one particular section of people but to the people all over the world – German, French, English, Indian, Dutch, Swiss, African, Asian, Americans etc. When Sri Swamiji sings, there does not remain any barrier of religion, caste or creed. The vibrations of His Bhajans cut across all such differential variations leading the listeners to reach the depths of their soul.
Whether He sings Bhajans, or plays Music for Meditation and Healing on the synthesizer, the sound vibrations that are released are charged with positive energy and carry a listener to transcendental orbit of consciousness where they experience peace.

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