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Sri Swamiji is the living example of divinity personified. He is relentlessly engaged in fulfilling God’s mission to help mankind to revel in the glory of the Eternal Spirit. The purpose of His avatara (incarnation) has been to awaken the dormant consciousness of man and lift it to the higher planes of existence wherein he is freed from the shackles of worldly bondage.

Sri Swamiji promotes many different paths of spiritual practice. He often says, “I am like a supermarket, you pick what you like”. There are various different schools of thought, but at the end they all are aimed at a soul reaching the supreme soul. Sri Swamiji has been spiritually uplifting people with His Music, Kriya Yoga, Bhajans (Devotional Songs), Mantras and Prayers.

Sri Swamiji has conducted a number of Music for Meditation and Healing concerts all over the globe in various countries. Sri Swamiji has in many occasions elaborately explained and proved the significance of Nada (Sound) in one’s life. He always says, in this modern world right type of music can help relieve the stress of a human mind. There have been concerts in the grandest of halls in the biggest of cities and there have been concerts in the open grounds in small villages. He says that whether the music is played for thousands of people or only for a few, He is always immersed in Music.

Kriya Yoga has been part of His mission forever. Kriya Yoga is a system of breathing techniques used to calm a human mind and thus attain peace and body-mind health. Music and Yoga are not separate paths but are one and the same. Each breath creates the subtle sound vibration within us.  Every cell has a musical note, and thus choice of good Music is very important.

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