Yoga Sangeeta Patron Membership Print
 Why the Patron Membership.
The funds generated through Patron membership are primarily used for
(1).  Travel of Pujya Sri Swamiji and Celestial Message troupe when they visit USA to give Meditation and Healing Music Concerts in USA,
(2).  to support any major initiatives from Yoga Sangeeta.  A good example is Live Webcast of Sri Swamiji's programs to the entire public across the globe.
What benefits:
We put all Patrons in an email distribution list (and currently a Facebook page is being prepared for Patrons), and Sri Swamiji communicates with this group members via email (and Facebook) now and then with special messages, with option where the patrons can reply back to Sri Swamiji.  This alone is a great blessing, indeed.  And of course, through their donation, the patrons are serving TRULY GREAT causes as stated above, appreciated by many across the globe.  We may come up with other benefits such as discounts in bookstore/CD purchases, access to some premium services via Yoga Sangeeta website, that would be offered in the future...but none of those are determined at this point.
What this money is used for
Same as what is stated in point #1 above.
Where to send the contributions.
Contributions are tax-deductible under US IRS tax laws.  Yoga Sangeeta is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  At the end of every year, a letter stating the total contribution amount for the year is sent to the donors, that the donors could use it in their tax preparations.  Contributions should be made payable to Yoga Sangeeta, and mailed to:
                                  Yoga Sangeeta
                                  PO Box 250
                                  Plainsboro, NJ 08536
Can somebody join now?
Anybody can join now too.  It is $1000 per year.  They can start contributing, starting for the year 2011, or if they are capable, they can contribute from year 2010.  Their contributions inspire and support many volunteers of Yoga Sangeeta to provide more services to many people (devotees and others alike) in the society.
Interested participants can also visit the website, and also check Yoga Sangeeta in Facebook at, both places have a treasure of information on various aspects of Music, Sri Swamiji's Music, and Meditation and Healing aspects, related to music.

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