Saptaswara Ragasagara Print

Saptaswara Ragasagara (1st March 2011)

Music for Meditation and Healing Concert by

His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji along with

Celestial Message Troupe and Music Ensemble of 36 Musicians

Conductor - Asthana Vidwan Sri K.P. Upadhyaya

About the Concept -

Saptaswara Raga Sagara is a unique concept conceived by His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji to present the subtle relation between color (light) and sound (nada). Great seers, through several methods, attempted to visualize the incomprehensible omniscient Paramatman, the power behind the creation, sustenance and annihilation of this manifest Universe, of which the entire human existence itself  is nothing but a miniscule. The all pervading eternal truth, beyond all attributes (Nirguna) blossomed in the human intellect as an infinite energy with attributes like the power to create, sustain or annihilate. This manifest form was visualized by the Seers after deep contemplation for several years. Some visualized it as the divine light (Paramjyoti) and some others as the Pranava or Omkara the Primordial sound (Nadabrahman), both manifest forms of the same energy. It was obvious to them that the entire creation is filled with this divine light and sound. From this all encompassing Universal energy the five elements manifested and gradually forms and shapes came into existence. Species evolved, each in its own way a miniscule replica of the divine light and sound (the divine spark), each one apparently finite in gross existence but infinite and eternal in its subtle existence. The creation progressed in all fervor, yet beautifully maintaining the same balance of energy and equilibrium.

Light and sound have always formed an inseparable part of human existence. But for the presence of the sun, life is impossible to imagine.  While the light of the sun sustains life, the divine light of knowledge graced by the Guru enables one to transgress the barriers of Mundane existence. Aptly Guru is described as “Sishya Hrtpadma Surya” – meaning – (1) Just like the Sun enables the lotus to blossom the Guru kindles the divine spark in the heart of the disciple (2) Just like the lotus yearns for the sun, so should the disciples heart yearn for the Guru’s grace”

But for the presence of color, life would have been miserable. Sage Matanga describes Raga as Musical scale that has the effect of coloring the heart of men. Music and Color have always added not only an aesthetic significance to our lives but also a divine fragrance because of their direct association with divinity. The relationship between music and color has been explored for centuries both by the artists as well as the scientists. While some conclusions of their inter-relationship are obvious and clear, some are unfathomable and immeasurable. Scriptures describe a definite relation between the seven notes of music and the seven colors of the VIBGYOR spectrum. Further these colors and musical notes also happen to be related to the metaphysical energy centers (chakras) of the human body as mentioned in the table below.

Ni-Violet-Sahasrara (Crown)

Da-Indigo-Agna (Brow)

Pa-Blue-Vishuddha (Throat)

Ma-Green-Anahata (Heart)

Ga-Yellow-Manipooraka (Navel)

Ri-Orange-Swadhishthana (Pelvic)

Sa-Red-Mooladhara (Base)


Saptaswara Ragasagara is an attempt to bring about relaxation to the mind through the influence of color and sound frequencies there by alleviating the suffering of the body and mind, a process involving principles of yoga, the body-mind relationship and the various psycho-neuro-hormonal changes that occur as a result of such induced relaxation.


About the Compositions

The concert begins with the famous sign in tune ‘Pranavasvaroopam’ in Raga Rushyaketupriya – Rasi Tula (Libra) - a composition on Lord Ganapathy, the remover of all obstacles – describing him as the manifestation of Omkara, the primordial sound. This Raga is invoked for purification of the surrounding and creating the ambience and energetic environment.


This is followed by a set of seven compositions called Saptaswara Ragasagara, each composition representing for One note from Sa to Ni.

  1. Sa – Raga Kharaharapriya – Rasi Meena (Pisces), Element –Water.  Composition - ‘Saraya Saraya’ which is a Swarakruti composed by Sri Swamiji on the Note Sa – It describes the various characteristics of the note Sa like it emerges from six places in the human body and also gives rise to the other six notes (therefore called Shadja, meaning born from six and also meaning giving rise to six). It is a pure note, Agni being its principle deity represents the energy principle in all aspects of creation. Its’ sound is emulated in nature by the peacock. Its’ principle is water and it is the cause of the creation of all the aquatic creatures. Contemplating on this note bestows auspiciousness, prosperity and eternal bliss Sachchidananda. This Raga works on the Mooladhara Chakra and is helpful for diseases of the legs especially the joints and feet.
  2. Ri – Raga Latantapriya – Rasi Mesha (Aries), Element- Fire. Composition- ‘Aim Hreem Sreem’. This composition sprouted out spontaneously from the Holy lips of His Holiness Sri Swamiji during the auspicious Navaratri celebrations while worshiping Mother Goddess. It is literally studded with the energies of powerful beejaksharas (seed letters). Mother Goddess who is worshipped as the embodiment of all Energy. She is the essence of all mantras, esoteric symbols and rituals. She is the subject of all scriptures. Her benevolent grace is the only solace to our hearts weeping loud stuck in bondage.

She is encompassing the sky, the earth and all the elements, and is the mother of all beings. She is encompassing all the celestial bodies. May she fill my heart with contentment and may she ever remain compassionate towards me. She is endless in her disposition as proclaimed in the Vedas, beyond the reach of the intellect yet dwelling in the heart. She is unparalleled, second to none and non-dual. She dispels the darkness. She is the pinnacle and eternal bliss Sachchidananda adored and embraced by the dense Veda creepers. This composition whenever rendered by Sri Swamiji has always filled the listeners with tremendous energy and calmness. This raga works on the Swadhishthana chakra and is useful for diseases affecting the reproductive organs.

  1. Ga – Raga Nagaswaravali – Rasi Vrischika (Scorpio), Element-Water. Composition-‘Patvalampura Vasini Sa’, another composition on Mother Goddess Jogulamba in Alampuram of Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the eighteen Shakti Peethas. This composition describes the story of this Shakti Peetha. Mother Goddess with a pleasant disposition is residing in the place where the river Tungabhadra flows towards North and confluences with the rivers Vedavati and Nagavali, an area as powerful as Kasi (Benaras). She is the consort of Balabrahmeshwara. She is also assumed the forms of Renuka Devi and Bhudevi. She resides in a temple complex built by a mystic devotee who had Rasasiddhi (extraordinary sculpting ability and power to convert Sand to Gold). She has nine Brahmas surrounding her. She punished the wicked king who was jealous of the temple to become a pauper. The story of the conversation between the King and deer that opened the eyes of the king who later renovated the temple is also etched on the temple. The word Sachchidananda describes the attributes of Mother Goddess of this Shakti Peetha. The popular raga Nagaswaravali suits very well to the theme of this composition. This raga works on the Manipooraka Chakra and is useful for digestive disorders and kidney problems.
  2. Ma – Raga Hindola – Rasi Karkataka (Cancer), Element-Water.  “Om Namo Narayana Krishna” - A Composition on Lord Krishna by Mata Jayalakshmi, mother and mentor of Sri Swamiji praising Krishna as the protector of the Universe. The lyrical specialty of this composition is that the first letters of the stanzas put together make the refrain of the composition. This style is called Torabandha composition. This raga works on the Anahata chakra and is suitable for heart ailments and lung diseases.
  3. Pa – Raga Shubhapantuvarali – Rasi Makara (Capricorn), Element- Earth. A Composition on Lord Dattatreya, Adiguru (one who is the preceptor of all guru’s and through Him the concept of Guru came into being). It describes Datta as the benevolent one with boundless compassion, protector of the virtuous, yet child like in His disposition, one who bestows eternal happiness, kindles the non-wavy divine light in our heart and ensures it effulgent shine eternally, one who can bestow anything to the devout including the state beyond all desires Sachchidananda. This raga works on the Vishuddha chakra and is suitable for disorders of the throat, voice box, thyroid and food pipe.
  4. Da – Raga Sachchidanandini – Rasi Kumbha (Aquarius), Element-Air. This composition on Lord Sachchidanandeshwara (Shiva) has many unique features. It is composed in Raga Sachchidanandini, a new Raga founded by Sri Swamiji having only four notes (quadratonic). This song also explains the theme behind this concert. It describes Shiva as unparalleled (Nirupama) and formless (Nirguna) embodiment of the subtle Para Nada. The second line describes Shiva as the embodiment of Yogic knowledge, experience and attributes. The third line proclaims Him as Paramapurusha (Universal form) and embodiment of the Vedas. The fourth line describes Shiva as the divine light that is shining effulgently in everything around us. The second stanza describes Shiva as the cause of all movement (gross and subtle) in this world and the energy that sustains life. It also describes Shiva as the one who destroys the enemies within and gives inner peace. He bestows the eternal happiness. The seven notes pay obeisance to Him, who is Adipita (the Father of this Universe) and an ocean of Ragas. Another noteworthy feature in the lyrics of this composition is that the first letters of the stanzas start in the order Ni, Da, Pa, Ma, Ga, Ri, Sa - signifying the descent of evolution from the divine, the flow of energy from top to toe and also subtly suggesting the goal and aspiration of every soul should be to reach the divine which is our origin as well as the destination and that in this era nadopaasana is the easiest path to reach the divine. This raga works on the Ajna chakra and influences all the motor and sensory organs especially the special senses. It is a suitable raga for spiritual seekers of all paths.
  5. Ni – Raga Hamsanandi – Rasi Mithuna (Gemini), Element-Air.  This composition is another Swarakriti composed by Sri Swamiji on the Swara (note) Ni. It describes the attributes of the note Ni. The presiding deity of this note is the Sun. This sound is emulated in nature by the elephant. Tuned in the powerful meditative Raga Hamsanandi, this composition influences the Sahasrara chakra and is highly recommended for people suffering from mental disturbances, stroke, epilepsy, brain tumors and obstacles in spiritual practice.


The concert ends with a pleasant sign-off tune ‘Ragaragini Devi Mangalam’ in Raga Sama – Rasi – Kumbha (Aquarius), Element- Air,  a soothing finale and tribute to the celestial energy embedded in the various Raga the profoundly influences the human body, mind, plants, animals and nature. This Raga is very helpful for people with insomnia (sleeplessness) and people with sore muscles and calf pains.


About the Artists

Concept, Lyrics, Music - His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji

Datta Veena Synthesizer – His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji

Conductor of the Musical Ensemble – Asthana Vidwan Sri K.P.Upadhyaya

Accompanying Artists (36)

Vocal Trichy K Ramesh, T.S. Pattabhiram Pandit, G.Ravikiran, N.Srinath

Veena R.K.Raghavan, R.K.Padmanabha, M.K.Saraswati,

Sumangali Upadhyaya, Bharati.N, Vani Yadunandan, Manjula

Flute Chandan kumar, Vamshidhar, Mukund L.V, P.V.Phanishree

Jayaprada Rammurthy, Madhura, Smita Kiran

Violin Jaitra Varanasi, Tyagaraja C.N, Dayakara.R, Satishbabu, Kartik.N,

Satish kumar, Smitha H.M, Arjun

Keyboard assistance Narasimham Mani

Mrindangam Shankar Ramesh, Ravishankar. B

Dholak Manjunath M.R

Tabla Mahesh Bhatt

Kanjeera Manipakkam Gopalkrishna

Ghatam Manipakkam Murali

Morsing T.A.Ramanujan

Tanpoora Prasad, Sripad Rao

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