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2007 Social Service Print

2007-09-22 Andhra Pradesh – Krishna Temple consecration in Nellore

Sri Swamiji attended the video screening of “Nada Brahma 2007” Charity Show along with local devotees in Padmavati Theatre. Proceeds of this charity show were donated to the Integrated Tribal Development School Project in Mekedatu.

2007-06-23 Birthday celebrations – Diabetes Workshop

Wednesday - May 23, 2007

Diabetes Workshop

A workshop on Diabetes was arranged in Datta Peetham on 23rd May-2007. The main aim of the workshop was to create awareness among general public about diabetes and its management. Parama Pujya Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji inaugurated the workshop by lighting the lamp. Parama Pujya Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swamiji and other dignitaries joined Pujya Sri Swamiji in the inauguration ceremony. Dr.H.N.Doddanaranappa, a senior Diabetologist of Mysore was felicitated on the occasion and was conferred the title ‘Vaidya Bandhu”

Two publications were released by Sri Swamiji on the occasion.
Diabetes Care – A companion Hand Book for Clinicians Booklet about the Alphabet Strategy of Diabetes Control written by Dr. Vinod Patel. Sri Swamiji also launched a dedicated website for disseminating information about the medical service programmes undertaken by Datta Peetham. The morning session was open to general public. Dr. Vinod Patel, an eminent Diabetologist from UK presented the Alphabet Strategy of managing diabetes. He explained as to how nearly 50% of all diabetic problems could be cut by adopting the Alphabet Strategy designed by him. This was followed by a talk by Dr. Vohan, a leading diabetes specialist from Chennai. He spoke about prevention and management of diabetes in a lucid style. The third speaker was Dr. Jayanti Ramesh from Hyderabed, who spoke about screening, diagnosis and monitoring diabetes. Parama Pujya Sri Swamiji, in His benedictory speech highlighted the importance of leading a pure and Satvic life. He stressed the importance of curbing the six vices. He gave several anecdotal advices about managing the lifestyle. This was followed by an interactive session in which the audience asked several questions and got satisfactory replies from the experts. Even Sri Swamiji answered a few questions.

The afternoon session was specifically meant for doctors. Several doctors serving the Peetham in various centres as well as doctors from Mysore participated in the afternoon session. Dr. Vinod Patel elaborated on the Alphabet Strategy and gave a live demonstration of how the strategy could be implemented in a consultation room. Dr.V.Mohan spoke about Management Strategies in Diabetes. Dr.Jayanti Ramesh also made a presentation. A question-answer session was held at the end of the sessions.

This was followed by a special presentation on diabetic retinopathy presented by Prabha Eye Centre, Bangalore.
In the concluding session, Sri Swamiji blessed the doctors and urged them to serve the society in all possible ways. Sri Swamiji also said that more and more such programmes should be conducted for the benefit of the society and the medical fraternity.

Inauguration of the workshop on Diabetes in Nada Mantapa at 9:30 am. Standing along with Sri Swamiji's are - from left: Dr. Dr.H.N.Doddanaranappa, a senior Diabetologist of Mysore , Dr. Vinod Patel, an eminent Diabetologist from UK, Dr. V.Mohan, a leading diabetes specialist from Chennai, Dr. Jayanti Ramesh from Hyderabed and Dr. Shekar from Mysore.


Dr.H.N.Doddanaranappa, a senior Diabetologist of Mysore was felicitated on the occasion and was conferred the title ‘Vaidya Bandhu”

Sri Swamiji releases "Diabetes Care" – A companion Hand Book for Clinicians
Booklet about the Alphabet Strategy of Diabetes Control written by Dr. Vinod Patel.

Dr. Vinod Patel from UK presented the Alphabet Strategy of managing diabetes. He explained as to how nearly 50% of all diabetic problems could be cut by adopting the Alphabet Strategy designed by him.

Sri Swamiji blessing Dr. Aria Maheson from Coventry UK. Sri Swamiji remembered his services to Datta Peetham.

Doctors from all over India participated in the programme

2007-04-14 Chennai – Tamil New Year day

Pujya Sri Swamiji in Chennai for Tamil New Year day, April 14th, 2007

Sri Swamiji arrived in Chennai on 13th evening. Ashrama had seen new developments in the recent months. The courtyard in front of the temple has been raised and the entrance of the prayer hall in to the courtyard has been widened thereby giving full visual access to those in the court yard to the proceedings in the prayer hall. Sri Swamiji then gave away equipment to physically challenged and Blessed them. In the evening, Sri Swamiji gave Darshan to devotees and Blessed.

2007-03-26 Hyderabad - Rama Navami Celebrations

Pujya Sri Swamiji’s Ramanavami Satsang Speech
SGS Ashrama, Dindigul, Hyderabad on 26 March 2007 – 7 PM

This evening I have inaugurated the SRI DATTA HUMANE SERVICES web site. This web site is dedicated to the 1500 strong Datta Volunteers who have been selflessly serving the Datta Peetham. Recently, we had a three-day Volunteer camp in Bhadrachalam. It was a heavenly experience. Next camp would be in Murudeshwar, a coastal retreat center in Karnataka. A Kriya Yoga camp also is planned there. Kriya Yoga is very important for health. As part of the social concerns of Sri Swamiji, we have been helping thousands of people all over the world. Much of it goes un-recorded. Because I do not believe in publicizing the good, one does. The trusts established by Swamiji have been doing these noble things. Many people who need help with their school fees have been helped. In the recent camp at Bhadrachalam, six persons were selected to receive financial assistance for self-employment scheme. A weaver was given a loom of his own. A person who worked in a SHAMIANA tent house was given financial assistance to run his own SHAMIANA Tent house. In Mysore, six persons who were auto rickshaw drivers for a company were given financial assistance to buy their own auto rickshaws. The good, which one does to the society, will be carried forward by those who get the help. Who are such people? They are all around you. Next to your house, next person sitting with you – all need some help. Identifying them and helping them is important. Help with what ever you can. Help with pride that you are giving hope to a person to live his life.

How can one join? Register on the website and wait for your turn. I hereby conclude the Volunteer Purana.

I visited Ammavodi today. What did I feel there? Why am I not old enough to join this wonderful place!!!!! What good facility they have. Good bed, fan, electricity, three times food a day, doctor facility. Lucky them. Even their own children do not look after them like that. No one is ANATHA in this world. How can it be a creation of Datta is ANAATHA? He is the NATHA. So, no one is ANATHA. One who does not recognize the presence of divinity in all is ANATHA. One who does not recognize the presence of divine power in the world is ANATHA. Such persons are DARIDRA, AJNANI, and ASURI persons. We are SANATANA. We all are living in the Leela of JAGANNATHA. We are never ANATHA. One who has wealth and does not help others – such person is afflicted with ASHTA DARIDRA. One who has degrees from various universities but has no idea of divinity – such person is uneducated. What use is the university degree if it does not make one a humble person. Every day of the life is a test in the life. We have to pass each day and go to the next day’s test. I urge you all to respect the volunteers. I also urge you all to visit Ammavodi occasionally and speak with the old people there. That will bring some happiness to them. It is important that you all spend time with your parents. Don’t ever discard or ignore them. You are their energy. Take care of them. Speak well to them and make them happy. That is the character of a true person.

Volunteers of Sri Datta Humane Services (Datta Sena) witnessing the inauguration of their web site www.sdhs.in

Sri Swamiji released the video documentary of the The Bhadrachalam retreat camp held for SDHS Seva Dal Volunteers in Dec 2006

2007-03-23 – Visit to Kamareddy

Arriving in Kamareddy at noon, Sri Swamiji took Darshan of DAAM Dattatreya and Gowri Devi shrines. In the evening, Sri Chakra Puja and Bhajans were held. Sri Swamiji distributed clothes to destitute women in the area. Moved by their appalling condition, Sri Swamiji announced that a AMMAVODI (shelter for un cared and destitute women) would be immediately developed in Kamareddy. This announcement by Sri Swamiji was welcomed by the Andhra Pradesh minister, Sri Shabbir Ali who was present there. Sri Swamiji instructed the members of Kamareddy Ashrama to build a place for the aged women within the Ashrama compound. During the Bhajans, Sri Swamiji said that caring for people who needed help was God's work and was more important than building new temples.

On 24th morning, Sri Swamiji distributed clothes to poor school children of the area and held a meeting with the members of Ashrama about the location of the Ammavodi in Kamareddy Ashrama.

Several Christian nuns met Sri Swamiji in Kamareddy Ashrama

Sri Swamiji witnesses the distribution of clothes to aged women in Kamareddy Ashrama. Moved by their pathetic plight, Sri Swamiji announced the plan to build a AMMAVODI (destitute home for women) in Kama Reddy Ashrama immediately.

2007-03-21 Andhra Pradesh – Other Events

March 21

Sri Swamiji contributed Rs.25,000/- to a street children rehabilitation institute called DOVE. A child from the institute received the cheque from Sri Swamiji.

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