Sri Chakra Retreat - Atlanta Jan 2014 Print
Atlanta, January 18-19, 2014:

With Sri Swamiji’s blessings, DYC Atlanta sponsored and organized a wonderful retreat on ‘Sri Chakra: The Mystery of Mysteries’ led by Sri Datta Yoga Raja over Martin Luther King weekend.  Some 25 to 30 people participated in the two-day event including a strong showing of local and out of town devotees, as well as several people who had not heard of Sri Swamiji.   Sri Datta Yogi Raja introduced them to Appaji for their first time.  The retreat began with participants sharing with the group their dreams for their life, and their expectations for the class.  In transitioning to the topic of Sri Chakra, Sri Datta Yogi Raja first instructed the class in the art of transforming every moment into an opportunity for fulfilling their destiny.  The first day's session culminated with learning a simple and effective meditation technique for 'being' in the present moment, ready to experience the connection between our individual soul and the divinity all around us.   The next morning, Yogi Raja introduced the symbolism in the various lines, petals,and triangles of the Sri Yantra, and explained the presiding deities and yoginis in each ring, and the benefits bestowed by meditating on them.  In concluding, he explained the puja symbolism in detail, including the inner meaning of all offerings. The participants then had an experience of participating in an actual puja ceremony conducted by Sri Datta Yogi Raja.  

Jai Guru Datta, Sri Guru Datta