Sri Swamiji's Ganaamrutam- Sai Satish, Mumbai, India Print

Jaya Guru Datta,

 I feel that Datta Devotees are the lucky people and their good deeds of crores of previous births have made contact with our Jagadguru Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji. The more we talk about HIM, the less we spoke about HIM. The more we know about HIM, the less we know about HIM. It is very difficult to understand HIM, because HE is much more then human intellect and nature. Very Calm, Loving, Caring, Kindness, Ocean of Compassion, Strive for welfare of Humanity is a mystic and Unique Qualities in Him strucking like magnets by HIS Datta Devotees round the globe and welcoming more to join the Datta Family. My Happiness is His Happiness, my sorrow is His sorrow, my sucess is His sucess, my failure is His failure. Jaya Guru Datta, my failure is His failure does not mean His failure!!! But everything of mine is HIS. According to me, He allows the positiveness to get stronger and keeps removing the negativity without His disciple notice like an air conditioner. On a hot summer day, if an air condittioner is switched On, it slowly cools the room through cool air and simeltoneusly removes hot air from the room through other part of unit. ultimately He is the only one to me in this entire world. He is my mother, He is my father, He is my best friend, He is my Relative and everything and Finally my GURU, THE GOD!!!

 From here I am starting my exact experience, let me tell you, Every Guru's job or responsibilty is to make His Disciple get Salvation (Moksha) i.e. stoping the life cycle of birth and death again and again. Different Guru applies different techniques to attain this like there is America, flights arrive from Germany, India, Australia but they land in same city. Similarly, moksha is the same and different Guru's with their possible techniques brings their disciple to the same goal called Moksha. Sri Swamiji also gave many choices to His disciples, among them are few is, Nama Sankeertana, Chanting sacred verses like Guru Gita, Lalita Sahasananam, Vishnu Sahasananam etc, Guru seva, chanting and repeating mantra (God's name) etc.
Among them, an easy way to follow by His disciples, a rare and unique quality in Him to proceed to the desired Goal, is the concept of Divine Music for Healing and Meditation. As everyone knows the interest Sri Swamiji have on music. He has inborn wisdom on music. When Swamiji was months old baby, he once happened to stay in his grandmothers house. He was having a nap in the swing. His grandmother as usual doing her daily chores, she was bringing water in a steel pot from outside for daily needs. Suddenly the young ladi started crying for no reason. Mother Jayalakshmi observed this, and instructed her mother to stop and proceed, and again to stop and proceed. When she stopped, the babyi stopped crying, When she moved again, the baby started crying. Again when she stopped, he stopped crying. The reason was later revealed that, when his grandmother was moving, the water in the pot was also shaking creating a false rythem which irritated the lad, when she stopped, the water was also calmed and he was silent. Mother Jayalakshmi said smilingly that when my son grows up, He removes the diseases of people with music. So Swamiji at that age can analyise music. Today He is well known as 'Nada Brahma'.

 At school days, there was a well known teacher who tought to the students and was a scholar pandit. He liked Swamiji very much. Sometimes, Swamiji used to study in his house overnight and sleep there itself. He used to say, "Satya, I can listen Sindhu Bhairavi Raga from your body". At that time Satya was at His aunt's house Venkamma. What the scholar said was true, Sri Swamiji, first time in His life composed and sang the Bhajan on Lord Ganapati 'Pahi Pahi Gajanana' in Sindhu Bhiravi raga at that period in aunt's house. The Sindhu Bhiravi track created by Sri Swamiji in the album 'Nada Prasara-1993' echos this episode and the sentiment Sri Swamiji has on this raga in the concert at Dasseldorf, Germany leaves anyone tearful at the end of listening to the track.

During Swamiji's childhood, when He was immersed in sadhana, it was a command from Lord Ganapati to practice 'Nadopasana' (Science of Music). At that time, he used to take his friends to the temple and they used to do Nama Sankeertan. Suprisingly, He did not have any knowladge about names of Ragas. But He used to compose and sing. Later in His part of life, He grasped the knowladge of Ragas. It's surprising that tunes created by Swamiji in childhood were Ragas which even today He uses in concerts. It is a rare happening and sounds interesting to create raga first and know the name of it later.

It's not like that, Swamiji started giving concerts from one day. He has done extensive research for three decades and mastered the technique to heal people using His super conciousness which is not possble for ordinary man. The instruments in which He had done research have also come to Him mysteriously. One afternoon, when Swamiji was sitting at the banks of River Kaveri, He saw something coming towards Him. He pointed to the children playing in the water. They recognised it as Harmonium. Within no time, all the instruments which Swamiji needed for research came floating. Actually, no musical instrument works if it gets in contact with water. From that day Swamiji used to not leave His room for hours and used to do research. He never allowed to anybody come in. He used to place Sri Chakra in the middle of room and Swamiji used to play music. At the end, the Sri Chakra used to rotate at a high speed. The reason is, the raga played by Swamiji created an energy which was grasped by Sri Chakra and the energy rotated it.
Similarly, whle Swamiji was undertaking Nada Prasara Tour in the year 1993, in a concert, Swamiji instructed to place a plant next to His Synthesizer. At the end of concert, everyoone was shocked to see the plant placed next to him had wither away. It's leaves turned black. Sri Swamiji said that the concert was a special one and those who listen to this music tape invokes their Kunalini Shakti. Imagine the power of Sri Swamiji's music???

Several doubts arise in mind, what exactly method Sri Swamiji uses, how it heals etc etc. But remember, THE  BEST  WAY  TO  UNDERSTAND  SWAMIJI  IS  NOT  TO  UNDERSTAND  HIM,  BUT  JUST  SURRENDER  TO  HIM. It's utterly confirmed, whatever He does, it's for our benefit. Is there any mother in the world who want to harm her child??? But little information I can give you on what method Sri Swamiji uses for conducting music concerts. Let me tell y
Nearly at the period of 5000 BC, there used to be a school of music. It applies the method called 'Raga Ragini Vidya'. It used to teach music to it's students and simeltaneously treat patients suffering from various physical and mental diseases. Whenever, a patient used to come with a suffering, he was not given music tratment in the beginning. He was first trained to concentrate on the music. By the time they started treatment, the patient was easily capable to concentrate wholly on the music. That is why Swamiji says to still one's mind when he listens to the Healing Music. But teaching this music and student grasping it was a realy realy tough job. Slowly slowly, the Raga Ragini Vidya started getting lost. Within the course of time, it lost completely as no one were interested to learn a very tough job. Even though it was tough, there is no higher effective practice of music than this.

So, in our course of time, like raising of sun dispells all darkness, Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji again brought the lost 'Raga Ragini Vidya' back with the support of His Guru's. Today, He is not only applying  this method for healing, but he had made it simple with HIS Infinate wisdom, where His thousands of Devotees are learning and conducting research for more better use in future. Nearly 4 million people worldwide, had benefited and felt solace from the Living Almighty's music and the figure still continues. So many bhajams, so many healing tracks listened and practiced by devotees worldwide everyday?.
But it is our human nature that we don't care of things which is very helpful to us. Sri Swamiji gave so many public speeches on importance of music, written several articles, so many scholarly devotees like V. V. Prakasa Rao given speeches on wonders of music, so many articles published in newspapers,  TV's, Leaflets etc etc on works of music. Sri Swamiji once mentioned that while playing the Synthesizer, He combines His Divine Message of Universal Brotherhood and the way to International Peace and Harmony in His music. This means, there is no need for Him to sit and give verbal message to His Devotees. It may also take lot of time and there are chances of forgetting what Swamiji spoke by the time they reach home. Once when Swamiji was touring Machilipatnam, Southern India, there was a question and answer session conducted by Swamiji. One of the question was: How does music on movies does not heal and Swamiji's music heal even tough there is slight differenciation in the raga used in both cases? The reply was: Even tough there is slight differenciation, Swamiji inserts Beejakshras (Seed Letters) in his music which help to heal people which is not available in other music. The best proof for this is the album 'Live in Minneapolis-USA' and 'Raga Sagara-1996' When one listens to this two albums, they might feel boredor interesting, but they will start experiencing the vibration from next day or the other day and they start listening to it again and again.(Please note that I have experienced this. Others might experience in other albums. It does not mean other albums are not that powerful. I have experienced it, so I am giving this example) Once Swamiji said that music definately heals people but the person who is creating the music must have adequate knowladge and he should know to control it well to the required extent. This is possible only by 'Sidda Purusha' (Englightened Person) Therefore, the one who listens to Swamiji's music, they automatically gets tuned to righteousness. He gains the clarity in thinking to overcome his problems, and find the way to salvation. This happens by certain positive vibration compressed by Swamiji in the music at the certain pattern of music frequency of sound, tune, Synthesizer tone, Raga Alap, Bhajan played and the presence of Sri Swamiji with Mystic Crystal powers which He alone knows in Live Concerts.

     Sri Swamiji have created outstanding albums for His devotees welfare. If we think on this, the first one is, 'Nada Himalaya', this is the experimental album created by Swamiji in Germany in 1990, for sleeping.  One who struggle at night time for sleeping, instantly dips into deep Blissful sleep even before the albums gets over in one hour. This experiment, I personally done with my sister Sudha. Once she was complaining, that she was not sleepy and wanted me to awake to give her compay in chatting. I got an idea, and switched on the this CD. She went into that deep sleep where she even did not respond to move little aside where I had no place to sleep.    

     Secondly, it's another experimental Album 'Pancha Tattva Raga Malika', this concert was given live by Swamiji in the year 1992 at Mekadatu. After the concert, Sri Swamiji said "Pancha Tattva Raga Malika has Tonic effect". It means, the music is that powerful of having original medicine tonic. It has another quality, the music once listened by the listener, the music can heal even after 10 days. Till then, the vibration keeps on moving in the body nerves.This is also  my personal experience. This is common with even 'Live in Minneapolis-USA' Album

     Thirdly, is the unbeatable Album 'Nada Prasara-1993'.If it is listened carefully with devotion, there will be no one without tearful eyes. Sri Swamiji has elagantly echoed the Ragas Sindhu Bhairavi and Raga Chakravakam. We can listen in the CD, the audiance there shouting  at the end of one of the track, 'Appaji ki jai' (Praise to Appaji) who attended the concert in Germany on that day. There are many other albums which I feel like mentioning but it will go very long. But remember, other albums cannot be neglected. They are also diamonds. Only thing is little ups and downs in all albums. One may like this album, other may like that album etc etc. I have given what I have experienced.

     Coming to the poing of Ragas, In a concert held in Mumbai, Sri Swamiji personally said, "In whichever house Mohana Raga is played, there Swamiji is". Sri Swamiji's favourate Raga is Keervani with Bhajan 'Achuta Ananta'. After the accident of Sri Swamiji in the year 1998, the first concert He had given was in Switzerland. He decided to play the Raga 'Keervani' and the devotees noticed tears coming out from Swamiji's eyes while playing this Raga on Synthesizer. The best Raga for mental health is, 'Sama' with it's Bhajan 'Raga Ragini Devi Mangalam'. Ecoing tracks of this raga is found in the albums, 'Live in Minneapolis-USA' and 'Live in Zurich'.

     Swamiji's most frequently used ragas during live concerts are as fallows:

     Raga:                                                                                    Bhajan:

     Rushabaketupriya                                                                   Pranava Swaroopam
      Mohana                                                                               Isha Patisa or Hanuma Maruti

     Chakravakam                                                                         Gouri Taye

     Hamsanandi                                                                           Peete Peete

      Amrutavarshini                                                                      Needu Padauga (Dancingg Tune)

     Kalyani                                                                                  Gam Gam Ganapati,  Kalaye Lalitam or Jai Jai Ganapati

     Sudha Kalyani                                                                        Krishnum Vishnum

     Nata Bhairavi                                                                         Sthapita Bhavita

     Bhiravi                                                                                  Dattatreya Trimurthi Roopa

     Sindu Bhiravi                                                                          Pahi Pahi Gajanana

     Sama                                                                                    Raga Ragini Devi Mangalam

     There are many other ragas which Swamiji decides and plays according to that day's constellation for the concert. Sri Swamiji has also created Ragas which are not in Raga Ragini Package. Once Swamiji took a dip in river Kaveri and after coming out, He played a Beautiful Melody on His Synthesizer. The devotees cannot recognise which Raga He was playing. After the track, Swamiji said, "This is a new Raga I have created. Since today is an auspicious day and we are in shore of river Kaveri, lets name it as Raga Kaveri"

     In Tapes, Compact Discs, DVD's, even though there is no Swamiji's live presence with crystal powers, it cannot be said it's no longer difference comparing to Live Concerts with it's healing and meditative powers. The problem is, most people does not know how to use Sri Swamiji's music. According to my experience, it can be used for two purposes. One - Spiritual Upliftment, Secondly - Worldy affairs, e.g Health. If we take for first instance - Spiritual upliftment, one has to come to the path of meditation whatever he is practicing to obtain salvation. Hence, one who is practicing meditation through the path of yoga, practicing it with Swamiji's music boost the energy and the mind in short course of time, gets stilled and further sadhana can be done. For this one have to concentrate on music rather than concentrating on breath control etc. If using for second purpose, that is mainly health both physical and mental, one can switch On CD player and lye down and listen before bed time. One can even go to sleep while listening.

      Interestingly, the music works miracleously when one go to sleep only. The reason for this is, to get benefited from music, one has to still the mind and allow the music to penetrate deep in to the effected nerve to get healed. But when one is woken up, the human thoughts does not allow the music to go deep for healing purpose. Sri Swamiji personally instructs to fall in sleep on live concerts for music to work effectively. Some people have misconception that music should work instantly, it's wrong. Swamiji's music does not work same to all. Some people, it may take 1 day, other, it may take 2 days where in some other cases, it may take 10 to 15 days.This instruction is personally given by Swamiji. Sri Swamiji mentioned to listen Bhajans during day time and to listen Healing tracks at night time. On two ways, whatever one uses, it's better to do during night time. The best way to use Swamiji's music in whichever way, one has to still the mind and concentration should be only on the music and one should not try to analyse, differeniate, think etc, which are the qualities of mind. Wonders can be grabbed from Swamiji and His Divine Motherly  Music if it is used in right way. If the whole concentration is put, the music have lot of impact. Soon, one starts thinking positive, acts positive and he will be useful to the society and have Sadguru's grace and win the game called 'Life' and finally gets LIBERATED.

     I thank for giving the opportunity to offer my experience to Yoga Sangeeta Website.

     Jaya Guru Datta