Sri Swamiji's Music and its impact on my life - Cinda A. Raymond, Toronto, CA Print
It was the year 1997, my Mother died in hospital a couple of weeks after recovery period from surgery. I went into shock, followed by anger then the grief and sorrow hit me like a transport truck with no mercy. I had fallen deeper than any other time in my life. As weeks passed, I kept on being drawn to drums, the playing of it, any kind, as long as it was the sound of drums. Along with my deep grief, I was being treated for a back injury...pain that excruciated through my whole body at times, sitting, standing, lying down, didn't matter. Three months after my mom died, my dad (master drummer) was telling me about a job he had been asked to perform at. He said that Sudguru from India is coming and he was asked to perform for his arrival. Then he asked me if I want to come along and play too. I said okay, hesitantly, because I was not all that great at playing...but I was interested in meeting Sudguru, I've never heard of. So the day came, there we were at this beautiful house in Caledon, Ontario. As we were getting ready to play, a car was driving up a very long driveway...someone said it is Sadguru coming. I looked up and watched as he stepped out of the car, all I could see was his feet. ..and as I spotted them, something in me stirred in me for me to take my slippers off (first time I've ever done anything like that) then the car came closer. As he stepped out of the vehicle, there we were playing the tassa drums and my dad was playing the steelpan instrument. Something touched me deeply, don't know how to describe it. AllI could think was! He's the real McCoy! As the day went on, I kept on drawing nearer and nearer...still didn't know why. Before leaving the area, I heard someone say that there was going to be a healing concert the next day. I thought right away, how I would want to go. No one in my home wanted to go, so I asked my neice, Cathren, if she would go with me and she agreed. We had gone...and in sitting in the audience for the first time to have such an experience, I was in AW...and maybe still some sort of shock...who knows.. THen I thought to myself, not to expect anything and not to ask for anything...just listen. As the evening went on Sadguru came into the audience and walked around with a crystal wand in his hand...he listened, watched and moved around the room. Then he came over to my neice and me and stopped in front of us. We bowed and I glanced into his eyes, smiled in thanks and off he went. The evening passed with a good feeling. I went home, Cathren went home. When I woke up the next magic, all my back pain was gone!!! I was without pain for the first time in many years. I was in total amazement!!! How could this be? Sadguru? Then as the days went on, I accepted whaat had happened!!! Because before this experience, if anyone had told me about this sort of healing, I would have dismissed it from my mind. But this wasn't the days to come, I still wanted to be near Sadguru, not to ask for anything, just to be near him. Then it happened...I was at a gathering at the Datta Yoga Centre in Brampton, I wrote down all the stuff in my life that bothered me and that I was ashamed of doing. When it wa time to make offering to Sadguru, I included the paper in my offerings. That night the Centre was packed...not much room to sit even crossed legged. I literally had my legs pressed up against my chest in order to sit on the floor. Sadguru talked and gave some lessons and examples of compassion and other things. He also spoke of when his father died...and the it happened, tears came gushing out of me like a fountain broke, I sobbed and cried like an endless waterfall. After that evening when I went home...something had happened...all of my grief, pain and suffering for my Mother had gone, disappeared, there was no more hurt. How can this be? Sadguru? I say, if anyone had told me that this was possible just by being in his presence, I would have doubted it myself. But now I know! now I have experienced! Now I have felt the shift in energy, the movement of possibilities, the magic, the miracle...the breath of life and death in the same inhale~exhale...this is when my nick name for Sadguru came..."SoHum" because he can breathe new life into your being and he can destroy the negativities of what is there too. This experience had left me with new windows and doors to other dimensions that really do exsist, we just need to be there for the opportunity and the opening of our minds that allow us to be the keys. SoHum, shows us the way, but we need to step through ourselves...his love is pure and true... In deepest gratitude and thanks, I bow, namaste to the universe for giving us SoHum...In spirit peace and love, Cinda Om Shanti shanti shanti hari Om