Sri Swamiji’s music healed me like Divya Sanjivini Medicine- Manjunath Kolar Subbarao, Melbourne, Australia Print
I live in Melbourne with my wife, Lakshmi and two daughters Sushwetha and Meghana for the past 10 years.  I would like to share my healing experiences from a major car accident and speedy recovery using healing music of Sri Swamiji, with fellow Datta family members.
It was the auspicious day of Sri Krishna Janmastami on Wednesday, the 16th of August, 2006.  At about 7 PM my wife, myself and my first daughter Sushwetha were about to leave home to attend Sri Krishna Janmastami program. My second daughter was studying in India at that time. I had the car key in my hand and just at the door entrance my daughter asked me that she would like to drive as she was still under supervised driving.  We were getting late already, but destiny was at play and I just gave the key without any further comment or argument. My daughter took the driver seat and my wife occupied the front passenger seat and I occupied the back seat behind front passenger seat. The seat behind driver was vacant. (In Australia the driver seat is on the right side).   Within 3 or 4 minutes of drive from our home we came to a big intersection where we were waiting to take a right turn to the main road.  As our car started moving towards the main road, a car from the right side which was coming on the main road with a speed of around 80Kms/hr hit our car straight onto the back door behind driver’s seat.  Due to high impact of this collision, our car swirled around and hit the kerb and stopped facing towards the opposite direction of the road. Due to this sudden jerk  (I was not observing the traffic flow)  I instantly pressed down my both hands on the seat to balance myself but my right hand landed on the buckle, the buckle got pressed & opened without my knowledge, the seat belt got released.  With loose seat belt and the jerk of the car, I slid from the seat and my head hit heavily onto the back door frame and I became un-conscious immediately. As per my wife’s narration to me, my left hand and legs were twisted in a very funny manner and my complete body was stuck in between the driver seat and the back seat.

Ambulance arrived immediately and transported me to Emergency Department.  After the immediate check up within few hours they moved me to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for observations as I had head injury. As per doctors’ explanation, when my head hit the door, the brain shook around and hit the skull so badly creating few blood clots on both sides of the head and causing bruises around the brain and ruptured veins around my eyes as well. Since my body was hit & stuck between the seats I also broke my radius bone on my left hand.  By HIS grace there were no major injuries to Lakshmi and my daughter except for whip lashes from seat belt.

I was in ICU for 3 days and was moved to surgical ward by Sunday. I was able to walk to the bathroom by then and I looked at my face in the mirror for the first time after 3 days. My right eye was still swollen badly and the skin around the eyes was purple in colour. I could not recollect what day it was and thought it might be the previous night that I came to the hospital and told my wife that next day(Friday) we will go home (thinking the day is Thursday) and after taking rest in the weekend, I will go back to work on Monday. Then, Lakshmi explained me that I was in the hospital from 3 days and I had a PTA (Post Traumatic Amnesia), where the person looses memory temporarily about the day to day issues, but slowly it will be recovered. The effect of PTA made me to think that I was in the hospital only from previous night.

In the meantime, my family brought a MP3 player to the Hospital and started playing Sri Swamiji’s healing music CD and bhajans contineously in my room. I was told that the accident news was conveyed to Sri Swamiji very next day and as per HIS instructions, I was asked to listen to healing music continuously day and night. With this Lakshmi gave me few tips on how to focus my mind to enhance the healing process while listening to Sri Swamiji’s music and I followed the same.  

Since I had head injury, doctors waited for a week before operating my broken bone on my left hand as it was risky to give anesthesia for the operation. But, the way I was improving day by day was phenomenal and when doctors checked bruised brain and my memory, it was evident that the effect of PTA was not much and the wounds were healing very quickly. They decided to perform the operation on my hand to fix the bone on the 7th day after the accident. After the operation, very next day I was moved to rehabilitation centre for further recovery.  I had to stay there for next 10-12 days to recuperate myself and also had to undergo some Neuro-Psychological tests to make sure that I am recovering positively without loosing my memory and cognitive skills and to take physiotherapy, hydrotherapy treatment for the broken hand.

Coincidentally the Neuro surgeon - Dr Bala Vaidyanathan who was treating me at Rehabilitation centre is also very familiar with healing aspects of music and also knew about Sri Swamiji’s healing music. Dr Bala is the son of Kunnakudi Vaiyanathan, who was a famous violinist in South India. He encouraged me to keep listening to Sri Swamiji’s healing music as much as I can. After spending 18 days in the hospital and Rehabilitation centre I recovered very well and came back home for further rest & recovery.  After 4 weeks of my accident I had an out-patient appointment with a neuro-surgeon in the hospital. During my appointment session, the Australian doctor was reading my medical history file and keeps looking at me in between few times surprisingly. When I enquired him “Is everything alright?”, he asked me: have I seen you in ICU any time?.  I told him, “may be” I knew I was in ICU but don’t remember your face as I was under the effect of Post Traumatic Amnesia and also many doctors visited me during that time. Then he said, “I remember seeing you, but, you have changed so much in 4 weeks which is surprising me and you have recovered amazingly. The intensity of your accident was quite intense, atleast, it will take 6 months for a person to recover properly and you are looking so healthy and normal within 4 weeks, which is the most surprising thing. Also, there is no special treatment, medicine or therapy that was given to you. So, I was just wondering in my mind”. Then I casually mentioned that I was using healing music. When he wanted to know more about it, I explained in detail about Sri Swamiji’s healing music, how Sri Swamiji is our Sadguru & Spiritual guide and the benefits of HIS music etc. In the end he said “look Manju, all these alternative healing therapies are really good and qualitative, unfortunately I can’t prescribe it to patients (as it is not accepted by the modern medical system). But you have the access to it, you have faith in it so, make use of it. It will be really beneficial”. That’s when I truly realized the value of our beloved Sadguru’s healing music and I THANKED Appaji in my mind for taking care of this child.


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