The President of Trinidad and Tobago Print

May  7, 1998

His Holiness Sri Sri  Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji
Datta Peetham,
Mysore, India

Jai  Guru Datta
Humble and sincere Prostrations and Pranams at your Divine Feet from  my wife and myself.

On this auspicious occasion of your 56th birth anniversary, on behalf of ourselves and Your devotees, we offer our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes.

This birthday is marked by the inauguration of the “Nada Mantapa”, an event which will further the purpose of your mission and which is certain to bring much help, please and joy not only to mankind but to all creations. Our sincere congratulations. My wife and I personally send you our love and best wishes.

We are anxiously looking forward to see you again when you next visit our beloved country.

Yours Sincerely ,
Ganace Ramdial
Acting President
and Gloria Ramdial