Dr Shobha Raju’s Program at Raleigh, NC, Aug 27-2010 Print


Dr Shobha Raju’s Program at Raleigh, North Carolina on Aug 27, 2010

Annamacharya Keertanas Musical Event

Organized by Yoga Sangeeta.

Program Report


Yoga Sangeeta organized and sponsored Padma Shri Dr. Shobha Raju’s Annamacharya Keertana Musical Event.


The audience in town were enthralled with her performance.


The program was attended by about 400 audience; which is a good number for a Friday when locals also celebrated Sravana Friday programs in their individual houses. Most of the people were music lovers and who knew Saint Annamacharya and Dr. Shobha Raju. The event was patronized by local Sri Venkateshwara Temple of North Carolina in Cary, where Sri Swamiji conducted Sri Chakra Puja and bhajans earlier in the year and local Triangle Area Telugu Association.


The program started with introduction of Yoga Sangeeta by Suresh Kota and introduction of the speaker.  Dr. Shobha Raju enthralled the audience with her sonorous singing.  The program was a feast to the music lovers, and the entire audience enjoyed the program with rapt attention  until the end.


Dr. Shobha Raju also remembered about her association with Sri Swamiji by narrating her visit to Mysore ashrama in 1995.  She remembered she sang a Guru Datta bhajan and Sri Swamiji materialized and gifted her a navaratna ear ring.  She also remembered Sri Swamiji gifting her with a red shawl when earlier in the day she was upset that her personal staff did not give her red shawl as she stepped out from her quarters in preparation for a program to attend.. The whole audience clapped when she narrated this incident.  She also sang a bhajan she composed on Sri Swamiji.